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I’m a Speaking Coach. My speciality is helping people with all aspects of spoken English. I help clients gain confidence and improve their performance. If you want to get ahead with your career, reach the top, present to a high level then I’m able to help you improve your English speaking skills.

  • Do you have a strong accent and it prevents good communication?
  • Do you struggle to perform in speaking exams and it’s bringing your marks down?
  • Do you need to speak English in an interview or presentation but don’t have the speaking skills nor the confidence?
  • In short, you are not achieving what you are capable of because your spoken English skills are not what you need them to be….

There is a solution: a Speaking Coach to boost your English speaking skills, vocal ability and confidence.

  • I have 3 areas of expertise: Exams, Master Speaking and Public Speaking.
  • I have many great lessons focused on my client’s needs.
  • I’m qualified as a speech and drama teacher and experienced in all speaking skills.
  • I’m online which makes classes easy to schedule around your demanding life.
  • I’m flexible and approachable, if you need help with your English speaking skills, I can work with you on any project. How can I help you?

My Speaking Coach areas of Expertise

Speaking Exam Performance

EXAM PREP: Pass your IELTS, Trinity GESE or B2 speaking exam.

IELTS, Trinity and Cambridge Speaking Exams need not feel daunting. You need to know what is expected of you, how to prepare and then practice. Speaking exams can be difficult because candidates underestimate how stress will effect them and often perform poorly.

Experienced in training clients for the Cambridge A1-B2, IELTS and Trinity GESE exams.

With training, your speaking exam score can become a strong point and improve your overall score.

Master Speaking Course

MASTER SPEAKING: Speak to be heard by learning phonics and modulation.

If you have an accent that makes it hard for you to be understood or reduces your confidence, what you need is to improve your speaking skills to have good diction, pronunciation and modulation.

Learn how sounds are formed and correct pronunciation. To be effective, you also need to learn rhythm, syllables and word stress. How we say things matters too, so you need the right inflection and tone.

This is a technical skill that requires dedication and a specialised coach.

Public Speaking & Interviews

PUBLIC SPEAKING AND INTERVIEW PREP: Stand out and be the best you.

No matter what career you are pursuing, you should reach your goals and your language skills should not hold you back. There are skills to learn to make you a more effective speaker and story teller: modulation. Learn how we produce our voice and how to use it effectively.

Make yourself heard and feel confident when you speak to a crowd, at work or for an interview.

You might be full of ideas, but now it’s time to express them!

Let me introduce myself

Don’t delay. Don’t accept that your life is on hold. The world feels crazy right now. Full of uncertainty and plans for education seem to be put on hold. But don’t waste your life! Get cracking with preparing right away. It’s impossible to “cram” prepare for a speaking exam, so just do it! And do it now.

I’m a qualified Trinity College of London Speech and Drama Licentiate Teacher. I also work closely with Trinity College of London’s network of examination centres to ensure that my clients are able to do their GESE, ISE and Communication Skills exams.

Watch an example lesson

“I do read story book before but didn’t realize how pause and tone greatly affect the outcome. The tips will definitely help in my future presentation or even a general conversation.” Caiing, Hong Kong, Master Speaking client.

“I have learnt the structure of a story this lesson and Sandra explained how to apply it very clearly with a flow diagram and a worksheet. Your lesson is amazing. Thank you:).” Sara, Hong Kong, Public Speaking & Interview Prep client.

Online B2 Speaking Cambridge Exam Bootcamp Course

I’ve just launched an online course which is “B2 Speaking Cambridge Exam Bootcamp”! It can be found and bought on Mastermind.com.

Why is the speaking exam so difficult and terrifying? Well, because it requires a physical performance. You have to learn how to perform under pressure. My course takes you through the exam, how you will be marked, how to prepare and then how to practice. It’s an intensive course and has a lot of information compressed into 5 videos that you can watch online in your own time. If you take notes and do everything I recommend, you will pass your exam.

Remember, to pass the B2 you need to pass four different exams. Grammar, reading and writing all take place in your head. Speaking is different. You get to perform. Your doing well in the speaking exam could be the difference between passing and failing. It could be the difference between moving on with your life, or being stuck and waiting.

YOU are the only guarantee of passing. But I can assure you, that with the right knowledge, preparation and practice, you will do it. If you buy the course, be sure to provide your current email address as a one on one training session is included.

  • You do it in your own time.
  • You don’t have months of lessons to attend – most academies will have you attending classes for months (and pay for them too).
  • You will save money when you pass your exam the first time.
  • There are exercises to do on your own and/or with a friend.
  • There are examples of exams.
  • You enjoy convenience of working from a location that suits you.

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