Trinity GESE – Prepare for the Exam

Build confidence

Why do the Trinity GESE exam?

GESE stands for General English Standard Exam. It is an exam delivered by the world recognised Trinity College of London.

Firstly, Trinity exams give the candidates an opportunity to develop their English language skills as they prepare for their exams. Starting with the easy grades means that a candidate builds on their skills and confidence as they progress. They also get a certificate that is well recognised to prove their achievement.

Secondly, in response to the situation created by COVID-19, Trinity has developed a digital alternative method of offering GESE and ISE speaking and listening exams. Candidates are now able to take their one-to-one assessments online with an experienced Trinity examiner via video conference in registered exam centres. Trinity exam centres are available internationally.

Have a look at this video to get an idea of the GESE exam. Notice that it’s a speaking exam! You will be tested on your ability to communicate effectively with the examiner.

The Trinity GESE Preparation lessons will cover these activities. Depending on your grade and level of English, it might take more or less time to cover the different aspects:

  • Lexical resource as set out by the grading.
  • Listening ability.
  • Your self introduction.
  • Preparation of your presentation .
  • Presentation skills.
  • Conversation skills.
  • Practice impromptu speaking.
  • Analysis and understanding of spoken performances.

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