Public Speaking and Interview Preparation

What is Public Speaking and Interview Preparation all about?

Public speaking is one of the most feared experiences anyone will face. Maybe that is why you are reading this page! Especially if the thought of public speaking fills you with fear and dread, you should train and prepare yourself to learn and master this essential life-skill.

Firstly, fear will hold you back from achieving your full potential! Think of all the opportunities you will miss because you feel afraid of speaking up for yourself.

Secondly, this is a learned skill that is acquired through 1) understanding 2) practice 3) experience. Is there really any reason to not start the journey? The greatest speakers you can think of, started somewhere. Where are you starting? We were not born great speakers, we become great speakers.

The Interview Preparation and Public Speaking lessons are based on these activities. Depending on your abilities, it might take more or less time to cover the different aspects:

  • How to give a great 30 sec – 2 min answer.
  • How to give a compelling short unprepared talk 2-5 min.
  • Your self introduction.
  • Common interview question preparation.
  • Using modulation of the voice for effective speaking.
  • Understanding your listener.
  • Practice impromptu speaking.
  • Analysis and understanding of spoken performances.

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