Master Speaking Course

What is Master Speaking Course all about?

The Master Speaking course:

  • How voice is formed and shaped – breathing and resonance
  • Exercises to improve your physical ability to control your performance
  • Standard English phonemic sounds – vowel and consonants
  • Voice Modulation techniques for effective speaking
  • Practice reading aloud, poetry, impromptu speaking
  • Analysis and understanding of spoken performances

Who is Master speaking for?

You have a strong accent and this prevents your communication. Maybe you are not being understood? Your English speaking confidence is poor. Your career or school options will be limited if you don’t master speaking English.

Why is Master Speaking different from other courses?

  • This course is based on speech and drama performance techniques
  • It recognises that you have to physically train your mind and body to speak clearly
  • It addresses improving performance anxiety
  • It teaches techniques so you understand how the sounds work
  • It teaches you how to perform
  • It includes practice and repetition to ensure a lasting improvement

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