Master Speaking Course

What is Master Speaking all about?

You have an accent… and don’t feel entirely sure what to do…. Maybe you feel that you are not being understood, your confidence isn’t good and potentially, you will have your career options limited if you don’t learn to master speaking English.

Firstly, your accent is ok. Never be ashamed of your accent because it is part of who you are and where you are from. Congratulate yourself for speaking two or more languages!

Secondly, you can learn to speak clearly and have good diction. To be understood and speak with confidence requires learning modulation. This is really where the magic is that will transform you into an effective communicator.

The Master Speaking course is based on these 5 activities. Depending on your abilities, it might take more or less time to cover the different aspects:

  • How voice is formed and shaped.
  • Standard English phonic sounds.
  • Modulation of the voice for effective speaking.
  • Practice reading aloud, poetry, impromptu speaking.
  • Analysis and understanding of spoken performances.

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