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It’s always a good time to invest in yourself.
  1. Contact me for your free consultation to discuss your needs and goals. In this free consultation, you tell me your goals and we agree on a lessons that will meet your needs. I’ll advise how many lessons you might need.
  2. Assuming you are happy to proceed, we check our schedules and book the lessons you need.
  3. To pay, you can either use the links below, or I will invoice you.
  4. I’ll set up a zoom schedule so that you receive the link and details of your lesson and can add it to your calendar.
  5. Notice some Terms and Conditions! All lessons are to be paid in advance. You can pay monthly or buy a set of lessons. You can change a lesson date as long as you give me 48 hours notice. If you are utterly disappointed with the lessons, I will refund lessons you have not taken.
  6. Remember – if you want to make progress, you need to commit to your learning schedule! The clients with the best progress are the ones who do a little work every day and commit to their weekly class.
  7. Group classes are available and further discounts apply. You can expect to pay 20-30% lesson than the prices below if there are 2 or 3 people in the class.

Here are the private 1:1 lesson options available:

1 Private lesson

1 x full (50 minute) private lessons. Conducted via Zoom. In one lesson you could **crash train for an interview. In one session you could **practice a presentation and get some great tips on your presentation skills.


5 Private lessons

DISCOUNT 5% . Conducted via Zoom. If you want to have on-going lessons but pay monthly, this is a way to get a discount 😉 In 5 lessons, what could you do? You could ** improve your modulation significantly (part of Master Speaking). You could **practice and improve your reading aloud skills. You could **prepare a piece of writing or poetry for a competition or school exam. You could **boost your chances of getting a better IELTS score.


10 Private lessons

DISCOUNTED PRICE -10% . Conducted via Zoom. In 10 lessons, what could you do? You could **complete Master Speaking. You could **prepare for the IELTS speaking exam. . You could ** improve your chances in a school or university entrance interview.


20 Private lessons

BEST DISCOUNTED PRICE -15% ! Conducted via Zoom. With 20 lessons, what could you do?! You will be able to do **the whole Master Speaking course which covers phonics and modulation. You could **develop great public speaking skills. You could **aim for a 6-7 in the IELTS speaking exam. If you are not confident and need coaching **you could significantly improve your confidence. In fact you will reach your goals and as a coach I could help with **modulation, grammar, presentation skills and spoken English.


Pay with WeChat or AliPay

CLICK the button below to pay via WeChat or AliPay. A new window will open. Before you click, note the amount you wish to pay in US dollars so that you can enter the correct amount and make payment.

Book as soon as possible as my schedule is very busy 🙂

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