What my Students say…

Sandra is an inspirational teacher who demonstrated how to organize the points of my answer for an interview. It’s very nice to have her to help me prepare my interview of getting into a course that matters my career. Thanks! Looking forwards to more lessons working on speaking and presentation later!

Sara, HK

Can’t believe this is only our 3rd lesson, Sandra is focusing on my son presentation skill of the poem, she is a very patient and good teacher!

Duncan’s Mother, HK

Nice class. I enjoyed the section of reading myself and listening to Sandra which increase my ability at intonation. This is what I need.

Gary, HK

Sandra helped me review some vowels that I didn’t use to know for certain in British way and practiced those sounds with words. She also gave me huge encouragement and constant compliments to keep me going. Thanks!

Haydee, China

Sandra is very friendly and patient. She will listen to every sentence you said and correct your pronunciation. She will cater to your needs and will prepare tailor-made materials for your lesson.

Matthew, HK

I like this lesson very much! It is fun to learn with Miss Sandra!!! Thank you😃

Cass age 9, HK

Thanks a lot. Brad likes your class very much. He took the Egypt storybook out and read once finished your class today. Thanks for correcting their pronunciation!

Bradley’s Mother, HK

Thank you for the talk! The way teacher Sandra talks is so positive, which encourages me a lot:))

Erica, Taiwan

Sandra is very patient and her accent sounds really beautiful. Thanks for the trial class.

Trial customer

Dear Miss Sandra. Thank you so much. It is really a big help for me preparing for my school interview.

Mavis age 11, HK

Find out what my clients think of my lessons! One of the most important considerations, is that my clients tell me what their goals are and we work together to achieve their goals. This way, they are happy. It’s easy. I adapt my lessons and teaching to make sure they are satisfied.

  • Kids enjoy my classes.
  • I relate well to teenagers.
  • Adults find me a kind and helpful teacher.
  • I have very high satisfaction scores for all the companies I’ve worked with.

“Let’s build something together.”

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